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Enter through an Eye...


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...into a Temporary Autonomous Zone...

fasten your seat-belt

"On the World-Wide Web a man is only a mouse." scroll down the page Anthony Weir

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Mankind: the Rotten Idol


The contents of this website are anti-copyright

I think - therefore I do not understand. see the world with severed eyelids...


"I can spend this night till dawn at this web site! and I only searched on laws for shoplifting! This is an absolutely beautiful website, and you are an amazing person! I wish I knew you in person, although I am a product of many years of education and complete normalization and fighting to hold on to last drop of imagination left in me...

"Thank you for this web site, thank you for sharing such beautiful poetry, for the art works and most of all, thank you for the person you have made yourself to be!"

- Mojgan, January 2005

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« I have spent a long time roaming the Wonderland you have built with your imagination and your art:
your website really is magnificent and I regret that my English is not good enough to express my appreciation fully.

You are dissident from this society of money-violence, but you are
faithful to the beasts, the colours, the flowers, the butterflies -
to Life.

Your website presents a vision and a map of the true homeland of the heart -
exact and glowing, like the flight of a butterfly.
Thankyou for this gift. »

Giulio Stocchi, Milan, January 2003.


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